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MRR- Pharma CRM Software -Its Simple And Human Centricg

MRR is simple easy to use Pharma CRM software that does not require any specific knowledge of computers. Anyone and everyone who is conversant with general computer applications can easily (fill or file?) his ‘Daily Call Reports’ (DCR) and send the same that very instant to the company via the Internet, thus saving on the cost of courier services. Simultaneously, the Pharmaceutical crm software makes it possible for managers’ to assign task and delegate responsibilities to their team at any given point of time. The DCR thus filled – in by the sales representative in the field automatically gets updated in the company’s Management Database System and can be accessed by the company – both online and offline. All put together Pharmaceutical crm software saves lot of valuable resources in terms of TIME, MONEY and EFFORT, making the entire marketing process more dependable, fiscal efficient and transparent.


Some Outstanding Features Of MR Reporting Software Are As Follows:

  • User Friendly Interface, Saves Time, Cost & paper.
  • Android based Mobile App with GPS location tracking.
  • Each doctor/chemist visit and route location is tracked and displayed on map
  • Mobile App works even if no internet is available.
  • E-Detailing App helps reduce cost of printing visual-Aids.
  • DCR (Daily Call Report) can be submitted anytime and from anywhere.
  • Doctor Calls, Product detailing, Samples and Gifts information can be submitted simultaneously with ease.
  • Misc. Expenses, Chemist POB and Stockist visits are also recorded.
  • In MR Reporting Software checks and validations are maintained to ensure timely submission of DCRs.
  • Gifts and sample distribution status and tracking records always remain up-to-date.
  • Generation of Monthly Expenses Reports are automatic in MR Reporting Software.
  • Sales data capturing and analysis.
  • Consolidated Stock and Sale Reports for Managers and Admministrators
  • Integrated with MR-KnowIT, Pharma ERP software to get instant updates of primary sales and Stock-In-Transit
  • Approval Management System for approving DCRs, Expenses, Leaves, etc.
  • Internal Mailing System: Mail can be sent to all staff, with there Name, no mail Id required.
  • Doctors & Chemist visit analysis.
  • Target Vs Achievement Analysis with Graphical Reports.
  • Automatic Calculation of Target vs Primary Vs Secondary Sales.
  • Ease of sending Bulk SMS to Field Staff, Doctors, Chemist, Stockists.
  • Personalized URL with Company Name, Like (
  • Client Logo will be incorporated on all pages.
  • MR Reporting Software comes with easy to understand Training Manuals to help users understand the application.