Why we recommend Mr.KnowiT – The Pharma ERP software?

MRR is simple easy to use Pharma CRM software that does not require any specific knowledge of computers. Anyone and everyone who is conversant with general computer applications can easily (fill or file?) his ‘Daily Call Reports’ (DCR) and send the same that very instant to the company via the Internet, thus saving on the cost of courier services. Simultaneously, the Pharmaceutical crm software makes it possible for managers’ to assign task and delegate responsibilities to their team at any given point of time. The DCR thus filled – in by the sales representative in the field automatically gets updated in the company’s Management Database System and can be accessed by the company – both online and offline. All put together Pharmaceutical crm software saves lot of valuable resources in terms of TIME, MONEY and EFFORT, making the entire marketing process more dependable, fiscal efficient and transparent.

MRKnowIT – Inventory Management.

Inventory management has always been the nightmares for pharmaceutical industry, majority of executives agree ‘Inventory Management’ as the area of greatest opportunity for an ERP system to enhance their management of processes and resources. In the present day context, inventory management has taken on added significance as raw materials pricing grows increasingly volatile. Efficient inventory management ensures the right balance of stocks in the right place at the right time, making sure that un-necessary capital is not blocked up.

MrKnowit pharma erp software provides crucial inventory movement, tracking and control feature that help pharmaceutical companies to effectively monitor stock ‘In-Transit’. MRKnowIt pharma ERP comes with time tested module to track inventory through end-to- end supply chain i.e. right from the manufacturing facility to the target landing destination ensuring unbroken surveillance of stocks at all times, thus eliminating any possible discrepancy or variation in the reporting status between company and warehouse.

The module is also programmed to analyze and forewarn of any extra or slow-moving yet active inventory to enable companies to plan for product promotions well in time to exhaust stocks and avoid premature dumping, in addition to this there are features to monitor obsolete stocks nearing expiry date, thus helping companies curtail their losses.

MRKnowiT – Financial Accounting & Management

MrKnowIt ERP comes with efficient ‘Finance Management Module’ specially designed for pharmaceutical industry. It gathers financial data from various functional departments and generates critical financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial balance, General Ledgers, Quarterly Financial Reports, Account statements, Gross profit analysis, Cost and profit analysis, profitability report, Asset and Depreciation management and more.

The ‘Finance Management Module’ has the capabilities to meet the full range of accounting and financial needs of a pharmaceutical company. This module has proved to be of big help to Financial Department and Managers within the company since they can review the financial health of the company at any given point in time and fine tune their strategy and decisions.

Statutory Compliance

Mr KnowIT financial accounting software is programmed to process typical statutory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry e.g. Excise, Ageing Credit Control TDS, Auto Deduction of TDS, TDS Certificates Printing, TDS Returns Tracking, TDS Certificates to Receive Advance Cheque, Printing with TDS Effect Sales Tax/Vat, TDS, Service Tax, Bill by bill Input, Service Tax, Bill by bill Service Tax, Reports to facilitate Service Tax Returns and so on. However it can be customized to meet any specific obligation.

Built IN Payroll Module

MrKnowIt ERP also comes with a payroll module. This advanced payroll software helps in achieving the end purpose of generating timely & error free salary slips, along with statutory compliance’s. It takes care of complicated & varied payroll requirement. It can also be customized as per specific requirement of the customer.

Mr KnowIt Benefits

  • Efficient salary processing;
  • Accurate and timely payroll slip generation;
  • Customizable for specific requirements;
  • This pharma erp software has powerful MIS reporting tool;
  • Integration with attendance & leave data.
  • Complete Parma based ERP with Online Billing for C&Fs.
  • This pharma erp software is Cloud based, hence no Infrastructure required.
  • Integrated Data Synchronization with MR Reporting software.
  • Effective tracking of Stock-In-Transit.
  • HR module with Payroll functions.
  • Complete Financial Accounting software with flexible options.
  • SMS support for communication with Field staff.
  • Round the clock support.
  • SaaS (software as a service) methodology.
  • Cost on per month basis.
  • MIS Reports Generation – Combined data of accounts, expenses, cost and Revenue.
  • New Dashboards with graphical interface.
  • Regularize and Speedup Customer Order Processing.
  • Reduce the redundant and overlapping activities that waste time and money by standardizing core procedures.
  • Simplify Data management: eliminating data silos by creating a single, centralized repository of timely, accurate business data.
  • Bring in total transparency and eliminating chances of human error and manipulations.
  • The Product’s online version of MR KnowIT will be installed at M R Reporting Cloud Data Server. Our servers are located at internationally certified and secure data centers’ in New Delhi, London (U.K.) and Hong Kong.
  • Transfer of old data to new database will be done. Parallel systems will run for at least 30 days before complete switchover.
  • We will train your office team and C&Fs to work on the MR ERP application.
  • We will also provide Training Manuals to help the users while accessing the application.