What Is E- Detailing?

Typically detailing refers to the activity of Medical Representatives or MRs’ when they make calls to doctors and provide them the “details” of approved scientific information related to drugs’, its benefits, side or adverse effects, or events.

Today – all over the world- this critical activity of the MRs’ is carried out using interactive and engaging modern technology platforms in the product presentation before doctors and the entire sales process. E Detailing is a comprehensive solution for effective dissemination of product information, moreover E-Detailing offers integrated information which can be collated – as per preset parameters – for later use , to analyze and improve the performance and credibility. The pharmaceutical and medical companies depend on E-Detailing to deliver the message of their brands and products along with related information to the doctors and healthcare professionals.

E-Detailing helps both sales representatives and doctors in a great way for getting the information they want at a time that suits them. Needless to mention, the level of flexibility and in-depth information which can be sourced in the process with all the resources and references needed with just a ‘Tap on the Tab’.

Upgrading to E Detailing for MR presentations opens up endless possibilities for augmentation and refinement of information which is an ongoing process in the pharmaceutical industry. The format of this information can even be customized as per the exact requirements of pharmaceutical companies as per their specific ‘Target Audience’ – a clear and distinct advantage.

Why E-Detailing?

Pharmaceutical companies always confront intimidating set of challenges with their sales and detailing processes. On the other hand, doctors today are under pressure to examine more patients in less time while trying hard to keep focus on improving the quality of patient satisfaction. This scenario demand MRs’ to be smarter and even better equipped than ever before as they compete for the same amount of time of doctors. E-Detailing is the present imperative with potential to arrest the attention and engage the well informed, techno- savvy doctors for favorable outcome of every call..

Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies – in their effort to remain focused on improving the quality of interaction with doctors and chemist alike – need access to information about various drugs to be presented in a vivid manner to provide an immersive experience to doctors, making their lives easier.

E-Tech’s intuitive Android based E-Detailing App for tablet or smart phone and other handheld devices present an opportunity to Pharmaceutical companies to equip and empower MRs’ in order to maximize their performance in the field Vis-a-Vis both doctors and chemist.

Unique Features of E-Tech Cloud based E-Detailing Application:

  • Android App on Tablet – Smart & Prestigious.
  • Eliminates traditional printed chart presentations.
  • Completely Integrates ‘Product Detailing with Daily Call Reporting’.
  • Reduces DCR data entry load of field force – Built-in Mobile App facilitates DCR entry.
  • Keeps tab on product preferences of Doctors.
  • Attracts Doctor’s attention with colorful HD videos & images.

E-Detailing App

Typical Process Flow -Input
  • The MRs’ can select the product to be detailed while waiting.
  • Starts the E-Detailing App on entering Doctor’s chamber.
  • Shows targeted product images/videos one by one.
  • At the end of the session, closes the E Detailing App.
  • The E-Detailing App automatically saves the detailed product’s names’ along with Doctor’s name and compiles DCR.
  • Any Samples/Gifts given during the session can be added after the call or at end of each day.
  • Similarly, visit to chemists’ can be recorded with equal ease.
Typical Process Flow – Output
  • Products detailed to Doctor are captured with accuracy with E Detailing.
  • Doctor call time and duration is recorded.
  • Doctor can submit his input / remarks (optional).
  • Exact GPS location is tagged with every call.
  • Data is saved offline on Tablet (E Detailing app)- if internet is not available.
  • DCR is generated automatically by the Application. It can be finalized later in the day.
  • Analysis of most preferred products by Doctors.
  • Analysis of time spent by Doctor on different products.
  • Huge cost saving on printing of visual aids.
  • Flexibility of changing product images/videos at short notice.